Friday, 22 December 2017

Workshops for parents on the power of play

Providing you with insight into your child’s development

Crayon Generation is now running workshops for parents, either organised by schools who wish to help parents encourage and understand the support needed by their children, or through one to one sessions.

These will provide:

The opportunity to fully understand how best to support their children during their formative years.
  •  To understand how children learn and develop to their optimum potential
  •  A clear understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, and how educational settings work to support this to judge how well your child is achieving and developing and what your child actually does at school.
  •  How this taps into learning and development emphasis on learning through play, what play is and why it is crucial
  •  Emphasis on the characteristics of Learning / children’s wellbeing and involvement
  •  Emphasis that judging children’s success in play outweighs being able to count to a 100 or write their name
To arrange or discuss how Margaret Travers can help, please email or call 07952 437 273