Sunday, 31 December 2017

Activity for very young children

Jack in the box

Here are some suggestions to help you enjoy time with your baby or toddler.

Babies love peek a boo, whilst toddlers enjoy the surprise of things disappearing and then appearing

  • Find a time to play 
  • Find fun toys at home that can pop up from behind a chair or stool
  • Hide a cuddly toy inside a small blanket
  • Look out for lift the flap books / pop up books
  • Encourage your child to handle the toy
  • Slowly make the toy disappear
  • Maintain eye contact with the child, when the toy pops up, look surprised and happy
  • Develop words, such as ‘here he comes’  ‘ ready, steady ,,,’
  • Follow your child’s lead and either repeat or let the child explore the game and have a go.  
  • Progress to hiding toys and finding them with your child
  • Keep it simple, one toy at a time, follow your child and know when they’ve had enough
    Developmental benefits
  • Stimulates talk
  • Learns how things work
  • Encourages vocalisations
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Encourages coordination (physical development)
  • Creates an opportunity to share a special moment with a parent/carer
  • Encourages children to explore new objects (cognitive)
  • Develops mathematical development as you use positional language, under, over, in front, behind, high, low, on top, underneath.
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